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First of all, before you start thinking about marketing for your coaching. You need to have done the foundation work in your coaching business. A lot of coaches who are starting out, don’t do the foundation work first, once they get certified they immediately think about marketing.

What do I mean by the foundation in your coaching business?

I mean:

 Ensuring that your coaching business provides value to the market. And the value it provides is needed by the market. In other words, validate whether people want and are willing to pay for the solution that your coaching provides.

Positioning yourself as someone who can help them. You’ve positioned yourself well in your market and you know exactly how to effectively communicate the value your coaching provides in a way that resonates.

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Once the foundation work is done then you can move to marketing.

How to market yourself as a coach and get yourself out there.

Now you know they want your coaching, you know who they are because you’ve validated that they want your coaching and are willing to pay for it.

You’ve positioned yourself as someone who can help them and know exactly how to communicate that to them.

You need to shift your thinking from marketing to more of how I connect with the people who need my help as a coach so I can help them.

That thinking shift alone will make a difference.

Because it puts the desire to want to help in the forefront.

Which is what coaching is all about, helping others.

Not that there is something wrong with the word marketing. But with so much information out there. This word got misused, misunderstood, and confused a lot which leads to saying like “I don’t know how to market myself” from a coach.

If you are in a similar situation not sure how to market yourself and get yourself out there.

 Make things easier for yourself by simply asking yourself these questions:

 How can I connect, reach out to, or reach the people who need my help as a coach?

Where do they hang out? Where do I find them? Which place?

What strategy could I use that would allow me to get in front of them, share my value, and convey my message effectively?

What strategy could I use that would allow me to do that effectively?

Then build a strategy around that place with a strategy that is going to help you connect with them, reach them, or reach out to them to build relationships with them, add value to them then turn to paying clients in order to help them.

And that’s how you would market yourself and get yourself out there.

Now there are many marketing strategies but not all are effective or work for every coach or get the same results for every coach. There are other contributing factors such as the kind of coaching you do

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