Our Founder’s Story

DoingCoaching.com founder

Sbu Osborn

Founder of DoingCoaching.com

Today my mission with this company I founded DoingCoaching.com is to make this world a better place with coaching.

This feels surreal because coaching found me, I never thought or imagined that I would be a coach or be so passionate about coaching. And be on the mission of making coaching help available to anyone or everyone.

Because I started out my career journey building websites, wanting to make money online selling online, and then started a dot com start-up that didn’t work out.

I then became a supplier consultant then got into digital marketing which led me to discover coaching.

Looking back now all these fields were part of my journey including life challenges I’ve personally incurred, they all led me to my true calling and purpose, coaching. Although when I did find coaching it wasn’t obvious right away that it was my calling. But with time on the coaching field, it did become clear and obvious.

Because everything that has happened in my life has been paving the way for this mission. And my career journey has been equipping and arming me with the tools and knowledge to fulfill this mission.

As a result, I have been able to build DoingCoaching.com to help anyone in the coaching world reach people who need their coaching help. Help people regardless of where they are find coaching help or at least know that there is an option of coaching help amongst other kinds of help available. As well as to help those who have a passion for helping others and want to do it with coaching, help them do that.

Helping them with all of this would fulfill the mission of making this world a better place with coaching

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