Coaching Stories

  • Estephania coaching success pic

    Found her true calling in coaching, now fulfilling it as a coach

    Started a coaching business, now it helps her land clients & makes an impact. Live interview with one of our clients Estephania on how she discovered coaching, how it impacted her, and had her realize her true call of helping others with coaching. She is very passionate about coaching and helping others so much so that she started her own…

  • Afsaneh coaching success pic

    Turned her life journey all the way from childhood to her true calling of helping others as a coach

    Live interview with one of our clients Afsaneh on turning her personal experience & journey all the way from childhood to coaching to help, and heal others. Now with her amazing viable coaching business that she founded, she is following her true calling & purpose of helping and healing others as a coach.

  • kirsten coaching success pic

    Left her VIP position to start a viable coaching business to help others

    Live with one of our clients Kirsten Johansen on how she ditched her high-paying top executive job at a multi-national corporation in the US and use her own personal transformation experience and journey to do meaningful work of helping others as a coach.

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