We have various types of coaches available to assist you in any specific area.

Mary Njuguna, Childhood Trauma Coach

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Are you facing difficulties in your life, work, or sports? Do you have specific goals you want to achieve? Do you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential or living the life you want?
Are you feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next? Maybe you could benefit from the support of a coach, but you’re not sure what type of coach you need.
We can help connect you with the right coach for your situation. Click on Match Me button below to share your challenges with us, and we will match you with a coach who can help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing.

For individuals in search of guidance in various aspects of their lives, such as daily challenges, business, career, sports, and more, or anyone in need of coaching support, we offer a global directory of coaches from diverse backgrounds. These coaches are dedicated to assisting others, making a positive impact, and are prepared to support you in any area of your life. They possess the necessary skills and expertise to guide you effectively. Through our directory, you can connect with a coach in any location worldwide, ensuring you find the right match for your requirements. Click on Find A Coach button to discover the coach who best suits your needs.

Organizations in need of coaching assistance for their leaders, teams, staff, and more, such as corporations, SMEs, government entities, non-profits, schools, and educational establishments, can benefit from our skilled coaches. Our team offers advanced coaching services to support you and your organization in reaching your desired objectives. Click the Get In Touch button below to get in touch with us and explore how we can address your organization’s coaching requirements.

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To get personal coaching, click the button to find a coach in our directory. Use keywords and categories to search, or we can match you with a coach. For organizational coaching, contact us.



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After finding search results, look at coaches’ profiles and contact the best fit for a free discovery session. If you asked to be matched with a coach, we will send you a list of coaches. Contact them to schedule a discovery session. For organizations, during the call, we will talk about your organization’s coaching needs.

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Before hiring a coach, do a free video discovery session to ensure they are the right fit for you. If they have shown they can help you, they will be able to guide you effectively in the subject matter you need assistance with. Then hire and work with them. We will assign the appropriate coaches for your organization once we know your coaching needs.

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We highlight the influence created by individuals engaged in coaching. This includes not only the impact they have had on others through coaching but also the effects coaching has had on their own lives and the impact coaching has had on them through their practice. Additionally, we showcase the impact coaching has had on those who have sought coaching assistance. This is intended to raise awareness that coaching assistance is available as an option. It aims to inspire individuals to seek coaching support or pursue coaching if they have a passion for helping others and seek fulfillment. Coaching assistance can be sought for various aspects of life. You will hear firsthand accounts of the impact that receiving coaching or engaging in coaching has had on individuals’ lives. Click Learn More button to explore all the impacts of coaching.

We are delighted to witness an increasing number of individuals embracing coaching and actively engaging in it. This is because we are aware that their lives undergo positive transformations, leading them to make a significant impact. Moreover, we anticipate that there will be a greater availability of coaching assistance for all. If you have a strong passion for aiding others and creating a positive influence in their lives, embarking on a coaching journey could be the ideal choice for you. Click on Learn More button below to access a comprehensive guide outlining the 3 steps to kickstart your coaching career.

Our platform serves as a bridge connecting you with individuals seeking your coaching services. Within our ecosystem, you’ll find a dedicated learning section brimming with educational resources and training materials designed to empower you in launching and managing a thriving coaching enterprise. This feature equips you with the tools to promote your services effectively and expand your client base, extending your reach beyond the confines of our platform. Our primary objective is to facilitate access to coaching assistance for those in need, and we are committed to assisting you in realizing this goal. Click on learn more button to delve deeper into the wealth of resources available.