From life crisis to joy, abundance, gratitude, inner peace, and fulfillment. Now doing coaching

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Live interview with our client Rich on how he fulfilled his childhood dream of helping others after overcoming a life crisis to live every day with joy, abundance, gratitude, inner peace, and fulfillment. Now doing coaching with a viable impactful coaching business helping others do the same and live a life of joy.

Recovery Coaching: Unconventional
Recovery Coaching: Unconventional Paths to Normality

Sbu interviewed Rich, a client from, who shared his experiences with recovery coaching. Rich’s coaching focuses on helping individuals regain a sense of normality or recover their lives after feeling lost or disconnected. Both Sbu and Rich have a passion for alternative approaches to recovery that consider emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual components. They discussed the positive results this unconventional approach was yielding, despite it not being widely talked about. Rich’s vision is to work with individuals on the full spectrum of recovery, regardless of their specific circumstances or entry points.

Coaching’s Transformative Power for Personal Growth

Sbu and Rich discussed the transformative power of coaching, how it can help individuals achieve their personal goals and aspirations, and how it can be a tool for helping others. They agreed that coaching could be a powerful vehicle for personal growth and change, and that individuals who have undergone significant personal transformation may be well-suited to become coaches themselves. The discussion suggested that coaching could be a valuable means for individuals to realize their dreams and help others do the same.

Personal Transformation & Coaching Paradigm Shift

Sbu and Rich discussed the importance of personal transformation and a paradigm shift in coaching. They agreed that while personal experience can be a powerful foundation for coaching, it is not the only pathway, and a paradigm shift in itself can be a basis for effective coaching. They also highlighted the value of as a platform to help people make this shift and use it to help others. Rich shared his personal journey with coaching, mentioning his initial excitement and subsequent overwhelm, and how finding the doing program helped him regain a firm foundation for his coaching practice.

Coaching Program Success Stories

Sbu and Rich discussed their experiences with a coaching program they were both part of. Rich expressed deep satisfaction with the program, stating that every question he had about coaching and starting a coaching business was answered in the program. He appreciated that the program helped him approach his business with a clear mindset and strategic foundations. Rich advised future participants to trust the process and complete the modules in the order laid out, as it will unfold for them. He also highlighted the importance of working on the foundational elements of their business before moving on to other aspects. Sbu corroborated Rich’s experience, attributing his business’s solid foundations to the program.

Coaching Program Progress Discussion

Rich and Sbu discussed their experiences with a coaching program called “doing coaching.” Rich highly recommended the program, praising its comprehensiveness and emphasis on foundational aspects. When asked about advice for someone struggling to make progress in the program, Rich suggested revisiting module one and reframing their understanding of progress in the early stages of building a coaching business. He stressed that progress should not solely be measured by the acquisition of paying clients, but also includes making connections and working on foundational messaging.

Coaching Program Foundation Stress: Most Valuable Tool

Sbu and Rich emphasized the importance of a strong foundation for coaching programs, recommending that potential participants should plug into their program as it covers all the bases. They suggested that even doing just the foundational aspects could make a significant difference. For those still uncertain, they promised that the program was the best out there, saving time and effort. They also stressed that their program meets coaches where they are in their journey, making it the most valuable tool.

Coaching Program’s Impact on Rich’s Business

Rich shared that his coaching business has transitioned from struggling to attract clients to having consistent paying clients. He credited a coaching program for helping him clarify his messaging and improve his communication, leading to successful conversions. He also mentioned that the feedback from his clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with some resolving long-standing issues in just a few sessions and others feeling benefits after years of therapy. Rich expressed satisfaction and happiness at the positive outcomes of his coaching.

Impact and Transformation in Coaching

Rich shared his feelings about making a positive impact through his work, emphasizing the rewarding experience it is for him. He highlighted that the feedback from people whose lives he’s helping is what makes it all worthwhile. Sbu echoed these sentiments, attributing the success to the power of coaching to facilitate personal transformation. When asked about advice for those considering coaching, Rich suggested that it’s a more relatable and personable approach compared to traditional therapy, and it has the capacity to meet the individual right where they are.

Empathy-Driven Coaching: Person First Approach

Rich and Sbu discussed the importance of maintaining a personable and relatable approach in coaching, emphasizing the need for empathetic listening to help diverse individuals. Rich expressed his success in coaching comes from maintaining a ‘person first’ approach, and Sbu agreed, noting Rich’s coaching business is thriving. The conversation turned to future plans, with Rich considering producing valuable content on the topic and becoming more strategic. He also noted his aim is to help anyone experiencing a personal or emotional crisis, or seeking to regain a sense of self or normality in life. Sbu agreed with Rich’s coaching philosophy and was supportive of his plans for future content production.

Social Media Coaching Connections

Rich and Sbu discussed their professional roles and connections on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Rich provided his website,, and his LinkedIn and Facebook handles, Rich.PS.Coach, for people seeking his coaching services. Sbu praised Rich’s work and its impact, highlighting the transformative power of coaching. He recommended Rich’s services to those in need of recovery and encouraged them to connect with him through his shared links.

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