Taking action & being consistent.

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One of the things that hold most coaches back from achieving their goals with coaching is not taking action and consistency.

Like with anything you want to achieve a certain outcome, you take actions that would lead to achieving that outcome.  It’s that simple but it’s easier said than done.

What you find with coaches is that their actions do not reflect the desired outcome. Then they are wondered why are they not getting the outcome they looking for. Well of course how can you get your desired outcome if your actions do not reflect your desired outcome?

Perhaps you do not want that outcome as much as you think you do. Because if you did your actions would reflect that.

If you don’t take any action, then nothing will happen. It’s that simple.

Ask yourself these questions, If you want to achieve a viable coaching business that allows you to help others and gives you the lifestyle you desire. What actions are you taking towards that? Do your current actions reflect that?

And is there a consistency in your actions?

Because it’s not just taking actions but also consistency in those actions.

Because if there isn’t consistency the outcome would reflect that.

There is an opposite equal reaction to every action taken. If your actions are not consistent then the result you get would be the reflection of that.

If you want to achieve your desired outcome with your coaching, take action and be consistent. 

And stop living in the delusional state of putting in very little and then expect big rewards or great results.

Also stop moaning, complaining, and blaming because those actions would for sure not yield you your desired outcome with your coaching. 

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