Key foundation fundamentals for a coaching business 

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Key foundation fundamentals for a coaching business

The 5 foundation keys you need in place for your coaching business to work and enable you to make the impact that you want to make as a coach.

I learned this the hard way as I struggled with my coaching business at the beginning and didn’t know why until I figured out that I was missing these key foundation fundamentals. Once I put them in place I got myself a working coaching business.

These are the same fundamentals we help our clients put in place to achieve a working coaching business.

Here they are:

Crystal clarity on whom your coaching is for – if it’s not clear who is it for, it becomes hard to laser focus it to move forward or make progress.

The solution your coaching provides – if it’s needed by those folks whom you’ve identified as folks who need your coaching. Because if they don’t need it your coaching business would certainly won’t work.

Alignment with your coaching as a coach – makes it easier for you to conversate or communicate your coaching. Which makes you appeal, to and resonate with the folks you want to help or them relate to you. Most importantly you come across as authentic.

Communication – the way your coaching is being communicated, is it resonating? Is it relatable to the folks that you identified as it for?

Credibility or demonstration – if your coaching is resonating, Are you able to demonstrate that your coaching can help or prove that it’s helpful?

You get these foundation fundamentals right and in place. There is no reason why your coaching or coaching business would not work.

Make sure you get them right.

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