Impact client felt during a coaching session.

A few days ago I shared with you the delightfulness we had of seeing our client Rich landing his first paying client.

But that was not all, the biggest thing for us here at DoingCoaching.com was seeing the feedback from Richs client on how much Richs coaching was helping them.

That was the biggest thing for us because our mission here at DoingCoaching.com is to provide our clients with the best possible guidance and support in building their coaching businesses so that they reach more people that need their coaching help in order to help them which as a result would make this world a better place.

Recently DoingCoaching.com has integrated a new platform that connects coaches with clients locally, nationally & internationally as part of our overall mission of making this world a better place through coaching. If you are a coach visit DoingCoaching.com to get yourself listed in the platform so that as we gear up in connecting coaches and clients through this platform, we will be able to help you reach more people that need your help through your coaching.

Also if you need help in building a coaching business that works and allow you to attract clients consistently. Schedule a free value call with me here:https://www.learn.doingcoaching.com/schedule

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