How to find coaching clients

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How to find coaching clients

A lot of people out there will tell you that they can help you find clients.

And there is a lot of information out there about helping coaches find coaching clients.

Or information or people who would say they’ll help you make this x amount of money with your coaching or as a coach or with your coaching business

Or coaches would say that they need to find coaching clients.

As a coach, you got into coaching because you want to help others. Your thinking should be around that.

The question you should be asking is

How to reach more people who need your coaching help to sign them up as clients to help them.

With this shift in your thinking and mindset alone, you are more likely to find those people who could do with your coaching help with ease.

And have a high chance of signing them up as clients and have coaching clients.

Shift your thinking and mindset from looking for clients to looking for people who might need your coaching help, that you can help.

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