Facilitator and Integration Coach-Impact – She got off medication for the first time.

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DoingCoaching.com client Estephania, sharing the impact of her coaching she witnessed while working with her clients and how it made her feel, seeing the difference she was making in her clients lives.

This is exactly why here at DoingCoaching.com we help our coaches build working coaching businesses so they can make an impact to make this world a better place with coaching.

Celebrating Success With Clients

Sbu and Estephania discuss memorable transformations they have seen with their clients, including clients who have completely weaned themselves off medication and experienced significant shifts in their lives. They mention the benefits of ketamine assisted therapy, microdosing with silos, and the importance of breaking free from the medical system to honor themselves. Estephania shares her experience of celebrating clients who share their first experiences of experiencing joy and happiness at a party or experiencing sadness for the first time, which makes her cry.

Coaching Facilitator and Integration Coach

Estephania is an experienced facilitator and integration coach who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is certified with the international Coaching Federation and holds an expressive arts therapy certification. She has been designing workshops facilitating creative experiences, healing experiences, and community work for 5 years. Estephania has worked with ketamine ketamine assisted therapy and microduce with psilocybin. Sbu asks about the benefits and challenges of coaching as a gift for people interested in it.

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