Turn Experience, Knowledge,Skills To Coaching

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How to turn your experience, knowledge & skills into coaching and start a coaching business.

First thing first if you are considering doing coaching then you must be someone who genuinely wants to help others. You must be someone who is passionate about helping others, someone who has an interest in making an impact and changing lives. And this must be the first and foremost reason you want to do coaching. Not be someone who wants to do coaching because your drive is to make money. Because that reason is not aligned with coaching generally and its fundamentals. Though you would make money, plenty of it, depending on the kind of coaching you do but your main drive must be wanting to help. The money would flow easily to you because you doing coaching for the right reasons. And with that drive, you would be a good coach and a highly effective one which would lead to great results for your clients which would mean more clients, more success, and more money for you.

How do you turn your experience, knowledge & skills into coaching

You can turn your experience, knowledge & skills into coaching because you can coach in any topic or area that you want or desire to coach on as long as there is a need for that coaching in that area or topic. And you possess all the abilities and capabilities to guide and coach people in that topic or area to the desired end results.

You can coach in any topic or area, not just common popular broad topics such as life coaching, health coaching, business coaching, or sports coaching which is what seems to be a common understanding about coaching.
If you take a life coaching topic for example is a super broad topic because there are so many areas in life you can coach someone on.  For example, you can coach someone on finding their life purpose, you can coach someone on unleashing their full potential, and you can coach someone in discovering their true identity to live the life they want. You can coach someone on overcoming addictions. You can coach someone on overcoming anxieties, low self-esteem, and depression. All of these areas are different or slightly different areas or topics to coach on within the life coaching topic. And in each topic or area, you have to possess all the abilities and capabilities to guide and coach someone to the desired end result. Not just a general life coaching training certification because having an ability and capability for each area or topic would require different experiences, knowledge, and skills as you can see.

You must already have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a specific area. For example in the dating area, certain business areas, and relationships areas. In this case, you then need guidance that would help you turn your knowledge, experience to coaching and start a coaching business.

And the correct guidance will show you:

a) How to turn your knowledge or coaching into coaching.

b) How to conduct your coaching.

c) How to structure & deliver your coaching.

d) How to market your coaching

e) How to sell it

f) As well as how to run, and manage your coaching business on a day-to-day basis.

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We provide this guidance and here is a sneak peek of what it entails and looks like below:

We help everyday people turn their skills, knowledge & personal experiences into coaching that help other people and allow them to make a living out of it in order to live a life of fulfillment & financial freedom.

Everyday people who want to escape their 9 to 5 job or live on the breadline to be their own bosses & live life on their terms by starting their own business online to work anywhere in the world and live a life of freedom & fulfillment.

We help, guide, and support them on how to start or build and run coaching businesses that work and attract clients consistently in order to help others so they can live a life of fulfillment and financial freedom through our program Coaching Business Accelerator Program.


30 mins Free Video Training Reveals:

1. How you can coach & start a successful coaching business in any topic that you have experience, skills, or knowledge on, not only just the topics that you have to get certified on by going to coaching institutions.

2.How to ensure that the coaching business you are starting in your topic of choice is guaranteed to succeed right off the bet so you won’t have the uncertainty of whether it’ll work or not.

3.Why turning your skills, knowledge, and experience in your topic of choice into a coaching business is the best & the easiest business that you can start online today.

Here’s what the coaching program entails

Coaching Business Accelerator Program

12 -Week end-to-end solution program.

Simplified correct guidance, structure, and roadmap to follow in building a viable coaching business.

​Support in the form of Community + Bi-Weekly Q&A Calls.

​Lifetime access & online platform.

​Access the program online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Here’s how it works

Proven Process

We know what it takes to build a successful/working coaching business that works, we can tell straight away why the coaching business is not working, what needs fixing, what’s missing or what’s been done wrong, and what needs to be done. So there is nothing of what if it doesn’t work.

Online Learning Platform

When you enroll in the program, you get instant access to the training content so you can start your profitable coaching business today or fix any issues that are stopping you from succeeding with your coaching business. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Expert Mentorship

No matter how good the coaching program is, you’ll always have questions. Get support or 24/7 access to experts in our Facebook group, 2-weekly Livestream Q&A’s, and email. Clients who use these support systems actively tend to get better results! 

Coaches Community

A members-only Facebook group with all the coaches in the program, who are implementing the same system as you are. Join an active community where you can ask questions, get feedback, make friends and have fun growing together. 

We cover all grounds

We teach you everything you need to start & operate a viable successful coaching business.


We show you how to nail your coaching niche. How to come up with a profitable coaching niche even if you have no coaching certification or experience. We show you how to get cleared on the audience that needs your coaching. Lastly, show you how to come up with a coaching niche that guarantees that your coaching business will succeed.

Positioning & Branding

We show you how to position yourself as a number go-to coach in your market. How to communicate your value to your ideal clients in a way that resonates with them to get their interest and attention super quickly. This also shows you how to come across unique and different which allows you to stand out.


Here we help you do some inner work like your mindset is very important. Being a coach and running a coaching business is the same as running any other business except that it requires even more than the normal business as you help others change their lives. So to have the right mindset is very important. So we help you eliminate any limiting beliefs and have an unshakeable belief in yourself. We also show you how to meditate effectively to stay in control if ever things get out of control, not only that but also show you how to manifest and eliminate any blocks that stop you from getting exactly what you want in life so that your success will come quicker.

Coaching Solution

We help you create your own coaching program from scratch if you don’t have one yet. And also help you align it with what your ideal clients want as an outcome of working with you as their coach. That way you’ll have a program that helps your clients get the results that they come to you for. So you will be a highly effective coach that delivers results for his/her clients.

Client Attraction

Here we show you how to market to your audience effectively to attract them to be your paying clients. There are so many marketing techniques out there and so much misinformation about marketing that most coaches get burnt. We will show you exactly how to market, where to market, why it’ll work, why won’t work, out of dozen marketing techniques, which one to use, and the exact formula to use in that marketing technique. You’ll learn about the marketing myth that gets many coaches and you’ll have a better understanding of marketing. And you’ll never have any issues in marketing your coaching.

Client Conversion

We are going to show you how to convert a potential client to a paying client without coming across salesy and pushy. Or have to use sales scripts etc. Will show you how to turn your lead into a client by simply conversating with them and showing them the value of having you as a coach. It is super effective once you learn this, you’ll never ever have a problem getting sales for your coaching business. It is very effective.


This program is super affordable unlike anything out there. And we offer various payment plans to make it easy for anyone to enroll.

NB: If you join this program, you also get a 1-year FREE subscription worth $499 to list as a coach in our platform directory of coaches where we connect you as a coach with an individual or organization that needs a coach with your abilities.

We are actively reaching/reaching out to people and organizations who could use coaching help and also exposing the impact that coaching has to those who might have otherwise not been aware to seek it or try it out to be helped through marketing and advertising on behalf of our coaches in our platform.

Also, they can find you themselves as a coach who can help them from our platform directory if they search for a coach who meets the needs of what they are seeking help with.

So being listed in our platform comes with a massive benefit to sign up clients.

This program is very detailed and comprehensive. It works, it’s proven, and delivers results

Here’s the proof below